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<I>Peaky Blinders</I>, Series 1
Peaky Blinders, Series 1

Fans may love to excess, but they’re far from mindless, nonjudmental consumers.

— Katherine Larsen & Lynn S. Zubernis in Fangasm:  Supernatural Fangirls

Below are my musings on Peaky Blinders — and, yes, I tend to focus on character as well as on other subjects that interest me.  However, be warned that I discuss the entire series, so there are spoilers.

Series 4

Peaky Blinders and Steven Knight’s Surprise! Storytelling

Peaky Blinders and the Problem of Jessie Eden

Peaky Blinders Review:  Steven Knight’s “Impossible Masculinity,” Female Characters, and Fandom

Peaky Blinders 4.6 Review:  “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall”

Peaky Blinders 4.5 Review:  “We Aren’t Those Kind of Men”

Peaky Blinders 4.5 Review:  “To the Revolution!” — I Think . . . .

Peaky Blinders 4.4 Review:  A Post Script on Too Much Plot

Peaky Blinders 4.4 Review:  “Like Entering a Threshing Machine, Mate

Peaky Blinders 4.3 Review:  A Post Script

Peaky Blinders 4.3 Review:  “Treat Me with Respect”

Peaky Blinders 4.2 Review:  “They’re Just Gone”

Peaky Blinders 4.1 Review:  Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Peaky Blinders:  Series 4 Predictions

Peaky Blinders:  Some Thoughts on Steven Knight’s Remarks at the Writers Guild Foundation

General (Discusses All Four Series)

Peaky Blinders, Family Meetings, and Polly Coming into Her Own

General (Discusses Series 1-3)

Peaky Blinders, Fanfic, & A Question I’d Like to Ask Steven Knight (It’s Not What You Think)

Peaky Blinders, Allied, & the Problem with Steven Knight’s Female Characters

Peaky Blinders, Ada Shelby Thorne, & Resistance

Peaky Blinders, RadioTimes Audience Awards, & Fan Engagement

Confession of a Peaky Blinders Blogger:  I Think I’m Falling Out of Love

Peaky Blinders:  In Defense of Bringing Back Grace

Peaky Blinders, Music & Modernity

Peaky Blinders, Fandom & Some Thoughts on Causation

Peaky Blinders, Tommy & Grace, and “Making Things” Stories

•Peaky Blinders Fandom, Social Media, & Some Suggestions

Peaky Blinders, Breaking Bad & The Problem of Grace Burgess

Peaky Blinders, Fandom, & Some Questions

Peaky Blinders Review:  Whose the Worst, Chief Inspector Campbell or Father John Hughes?

Peaky Blinders Review:  What Happened to John Shelby?

Peaky Blinders Review:  Tommy, Grace, and the Symbolism of Framing

Peaky Blinders Review:  What Happened to Elizabeth Gray?

Peaky Blinders 1, 2, & 3:  Which Is Best?

Peaky Blinders Review:  The Show Gets Meta (Or, How Did I Miss This?)

Peaky Blinders Review:  Romany Culture and Tommy Shelby’s Otherness

Series 3

Peaky Blinders Review:  Mirroring — Tommy, Arthur & Grace

Peaky Blinders Series 3 Review:  Are the Shelbys on the “Wrong Path?”  (Answer:  I Don’t Think So)

Peaky Blinders Series 3 Review:  Steven Knight Gets To Do What He Wants (Even If I Don’t Like It)

Peaky Blinders 3.6 Review:  Family, Power, and Revolution

Peaky Blinders 3.6 Review:  A Disappointing Finale

Peaky Blinders 3.6 Review:  What I Liked in Series 3

Peaky Blinders 3.6 Review:  What Happened to the Strong Female Characters?

Peaky Blinders 3.6 Review:  The Series Changes Focus — It’s About Masculinity

Peaky Blinders 3.5, Scene 50/51 Review:  Tommy, Grace & Tatiana as Told by Storyboards (Part III)

Peaky Blinders 3.5, Scene 1 Review:  Tommy, Grace & Tatiana as Told by Storyboards (Part II)

Peaky Blinders 3.5 Review:  Language, Cultural Identity, and Disruption

Peaky Blinders 3.5 Review:  Tommy, Tatiana, and Khlysty — Yes, That Scene

Peaky Blinders 3.5 Review:  Addiction, Fog, and Ghosts

Peaky Blinders 3.4 Review:  Tommy and Tatiana (BTW, I’m on #Team Grace)

Peaky Blinders 3.2 Review:  Tommy, Grace, & Tatiana as Told by Storyboards (Part I)

Peaky Blinders 3.2 — Arthur

Peaky Blinders 3.2 — Grace

Peaky Blinders 3.2 — Fear, Part II

Peaky Blinders 3.1 — Displacement

Peaky Blinders 3.1 — Fear, Part I

Peaky Blinders Series 3 Predictions

Series 2

Series 1

Parody, Pastiche & Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders, the Church, & Sacred Spaces

Peaky Blinders, Series 1 Review:  Why Doesn’t Grace Get Walk-up Music?

Peaky Blinders, Series 1: A Study in Contrasts

Taboo and Peaky Blinders

Taboo & Peaky Blinders:  Some Things Stay the Same

Guest Blog Posts

•J. F. Alvarez’s Peaky BlindersThe Godfather Prequel?”

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  1. Peaky Bible? I learned a new word watching Peaky Blinders….. antithetical, [contrast or opposite]. Where J F saw the Godfather, I thought, ‘New Testament’ but opposite… Jesus rode into town on a donkey with crowds. Tommy on a horse alone at the start of the series. To Tommy, looking after family and friends was everything, to Jesus, they hardly got a mention and anyone could join his family. Jesus did a lot of good… Tommy did a lot of Bad. Freddy Thorne, [my John the Baptist], told of a new system, [communism], that was coming, where John advocated the coming of just one messiah. Jesus had a mum that wasn’t biologically related to him, Mary, the good, virtuous woman. Tommy had the same but his non-biologial mother, [Polly] was a lush, prone to violent outbursts. There was never any mention of a real Shelby mother. Joseph, Jesus’s dad, was a good man that we know little about from the bible. The family’s biological dad was also an absentee parent but a very bad man. Jesus was said to love Mary Magdelene, the prostitute. Tommy loved the opposite, a police woman called Grace. Jesus was given the state of ‘grace,’ to save the world from its sins. Tommy chose Grace, to save himself but it/she was taken away. The angel Gabriel [a chap], told the Virgin Mary she would get a child. Polly’s angel, her daughter, a girl, told her in a dream that she had lost a child. Jesus was tormented and tempted by the devil. So was Tommy, in the guise of the popular, high ranking false Priest/paedophile Hughes. Jesus was betrayed by Judas a fellow Jewish man who thought that Jesus had gone soft by not starting a revolution against the Romans, an honourable cause. Tommy’s betrayal by the Jewish Mr Solomons was purely for his greed for jewellery. No mention was made of Jesus forgiving Judas but Tommy forgave Solomons, after he protested that he had not, ‘crossed any line’ and that Tommy was just the same type of criminal as he was, [as Judas had thought Jesus was a fellow revolutionary.] The devil was killed by Michael. [a good sort], in the book of Revelations. Peaky Michael, [ now gone over to the dark side and no longer a good sort], killed Hughes [our devil]. Jesus’s last supper, where Jesus had 12 disciples, was Tommy’s last family meeting that also contained 12 disciples, but where only Jesus was betrayed by Judas and the disciples went free….. only Tommy was spared and his disciples were betrayed, [by Tommy making a deal]. Pontius Pilate wouldn’t save Jesus but we had Pontius Churchill who has, [I think], saved Tommy. Jesus lost his life to save the world, Tommy has lost the most precious part of his world, [his family], to save his own/new [legitiimate] life. Instead of Jesus’s actual crucifixion, we were treated to a metaphorical crucifixion, in one of the final scenes, where Tommy is in his study alone, lowers his head to the desk where he is sat and spreads out his arms as if he were on a cross. Have I convinced you yet? Whatever the inspiration, I’m so glad SK wrote it. It was heavenly. x


    1. Wow! So much to think about here! And I think you’ve drawn some very interesting parallels. Steven Knight’s writing never ceases to amaze me.

      FWIW, you’ve got a lot here. You may want to think about developing those ideas into multiple posts and blogging them somewhere. This would lend itself to a rich discussion.

      Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Well, you got it right about my late mum in law being in the new series (Jessie Eden, later Jessie McCulloch). It looks as if she is only in Episode 1, although I would love to see more use of her character. Thrilled to bits it’s Charlie Murphy playing her, a beautiful and very talented young woman. Apparently she does a Brummie accent quite well. Charlie is also small and dark, as Jessie was, so they got that right.
    In case you are wondering, Jessie’s adopted son from her second marriage, my ex-husband, was a lot older than me. So that’s the reason I’m still around, given that my mother in law was born in 1902.


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