Peaky Blinders, Series 1

Peaky Blinders Season 1
Peaky Blinders Season 1

General Information

•BBC Two Official Peaky Blinders Page

•Peaky Blinders on IMDb.

•”Peaky Blinders” in Wikipedia.

Peaky Blinders Wiki

Print/Web Interviews & Articles

•BBC Media Centre’s Peaky BlindersInterviews with Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, Annabelle Wallis, Sophy Rundle, Steven Knight, and Otto Bathurst.

•David Bentley’s “Blame My Peaky Blinders Accent on Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt, Says Sam Neill” (Birmingham Mail).

•Nick Bramhill’s “Cillian Moved in with Gypsies to Prepare for New TV Role” (Irish Independent).

“Charlie Creed-Miles Interview” (View).

•Brendon Connelly’s Peaky Blinders Starts on BBC Two Tonight, and It’s Great, so I Called Creator Steven Knight for a Chat” (Bleeding Cool).

•Alan Corr’s “Cillian Murphy Talks Peaky Blinders (RTE).

•Emma Daly & Ben Dowell’s “Steven Knight” English Period Drama Is Written in an Overly Formal Way” (RadioTimes).

•Serena Davies’s Peaky Blinders:  Gangsters with Brains” (The Telegraph).

•Nico Kos Earle’s “Interview with Annabelle Wallis” (Glass).

•Amanda Ferguson’s Peaky Blinders‘ Sam Neill Gets Ulster Accent Tips from Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt” (Belfast Telegraph)

•Alex Fletcher’s Peaky Blinders:  5 Reasons to Watch Tonight’s Finale” (Digital Spy).

•Caroline Frost’s Peaky Blinders‘ Helen McCrory ‘Incredibly Proud, Relieved’ by Damien Lewis’s Homeland Hit, Not So Happy About the Mobile Phone” (Huffington Post).

•Caroline Frost’s Peaky Blinders Star Cillian Murphy on Perfecting a Brummie Accent, and Celebrating the Anti-hero on Television” (Huffington Post).

•Joy-Gale’s Peaky Blinders’ Sam Neill:  ‘If You Don’t Like My Accent, Blame Liam Neeson!'” (What’s On TV)


•Claire Hodgson’s “Cillian Murphy ‘Spent a Drunken Saturday’ Learning the Birmingham Accent for Peaky Blinders, Says Writer Steven Knight” (Mirror).

•Liz Hogard’s “Grime TV:  If You Liked The Village, You’ll Love New Dramas The Mill and Peaky Blinders (London Evening Standard).

•Jon Horsley’s “Gangsters’ Paradise: A Family of Criminals Rule the Roost in a New Thriller Set in Birmingham after the First World War” (The Sun 7 Sept. 2013:  10).

•Ben Hurst’s “Our Fight to Perfect the Peaky Blinders Accent” (Birmingham Mail).

“Interview with Paul Anderson” (BBC Media Centre).

•Adam Jacques’s “Sam Neill:  The Actor on Growing up in Northern Ireland, Surviving 145 mph Winds and Going Gang-busting” (Independent).

•Stuart Jeffries’s “BBC’s Peaky Blinders:  The Good, the Bad, and the Brummie” (Daily Mail).


•Laura Kelly’s “Cillian Murphy Interview: ‘In This Story, the Working-class Look Sexy'” (Big Issue).

•Steven Knight’s “Sharp Suits, Sharper Razors of My Peaky Blinders” (Sunday Times [London], 21 Sept. 2014:  8).

•Chris Kovalenko’s “Cillian Murphy on Thomas Shelby and Peaky Blinders(Cinema Sauce).

•Roz Laws’s Peaky Blinders Creator Steven Knight Defends Show’s Brummie Accents” (Birmingham Mail).

•Brett Leppard’s “GQ&A: Cillian Murphy” (GQ UK).

•Connor Macgregor’s “Behind the Peaky Blinders (On the Box).

•Rachel Mainwaring’s “Helen McCrory Tells of Tough New TV Role as Gang Leader” (Wales Online).

•Craig McLean’s “Sam Neill on Peaky Blinders:  ‘We Can All Identify with Working-class Crims'” (The Telegraph).

•Louisa Mellor’s Peaky Blinders Almost Starred Jason Statham” (Den of Geek).

•Louisa Mellor’s “Steven Knight on Peaky Blinders, Series 2, Birmingham, Cillian Murphy, Working Class Drama, Nick Cave & More . . .” (Den of Geek).


•Sarah Morgan’s “Why Helen Is Enjoying Her Strong Role in a New Gritty Saga” (Hull Daily Mail).

•Michael Noble’s Peaky Blinders Offers Violent Reminders of England’s Forgotten Midland” (PopMatters).

•Henry Northmore’s “Interview:  The Cast and Crew of BBC Period Drama Peaky Blinders (The List).

Peaky Blinders Is Cinematic TV” (Belfast Telegraph).

•”Peaky Blinders:  Twitter Q&A Transcript” (Entertainment Outlook).

•Andy Richardson’s “Otto Bathurst:  ‘I Hate Period TV Shows — But Peaky Blinders Was Rock and Roll'” (Express Star).


•Scott Roxborough’s Peaky Blinders Producer Says Show is Working-class Antidote to Downton Abbey (Hollywood Reporter).

•Catherine Sarsfield’s “Cillian Murphy on Peaky Blinders and His Next Movie” (Harper’s Bazaar UK).

•Anne-Marie Senior’s “The Peak of Success: Twins Rub Shoulders with the Stars in New TV Drama” (Huddersfield Daily Examiner).

•Will Strauss’s Peaky Blinders, BBC2″ (Broadcast).

•David Stubbs’s Peaky Blinders, Britain’s Answer to Boardwalk Empire (The Guardian).

•Gabriel Tate’s “Cillian Murphy Interview: ‘I’m Not Afraid to Express Opinions'” (TimeOut London).

•Anne Thompson’s “Writer-Director Steve Knight Moves from Indie Locke to TV Hit Peaky Blinders and the Sequel to World War Z(Indiewire).

•Annabelle Wallis’s “Fighting to Play Grace” (BBC Blog).

•Keith Watson’s Peaky Blinders Actor Joe Cole:  It’s a Challenge to Make Your Mark when You’ve Only Got Limited Time” (Metro).


•Holly Williams’s “Cillian Murphy: ‘My Foot’s in the Door. . . I Hang Out with Musicians” (The Independent).

Video Interviews

“Cillian Murphy and Steven Knight — Peaky Blinders BBC Interview” (BBC).

“Cillian Murphy on New Television Series Peaky Blinders (The Guardian).

“Cillian Murphy, Steven Knight Talk Peaky Blinders (Digital Spy).


•Joe Cunningham’s “Cillian Murphy and Steven Knight Exclusive Interview — Peaky Blinders(HeyUGuys).

“Exclusive Interview with Steven Knight, Creator of Peaky Blinders (Marketing Birmingham).

•Jan Gilbert’sLocke, Seventh Son, and Peaky Blinders Interview with Director Steven Knight” (Flicks and the City).

“Steven Knight Interview Peaky Blinders (Red Carpet News TV).

•Tom Wearetheonemil’s “Interview:  Peaky Blinders Writer Steven Knight” (Social Breakfast).


“Tears Before Bedtime: Podcast 79 — Cillian Murphy, Luke Treadaway, and Matthew Lewis” (Empire).


General Reviews

  • Peaky Blinders Thursday, 9pm BBC Two, There Are So Many Things Wrong” (Sunday Herald [Glasgow] 8 Sept. 2013:  11).

Episode-by-Episode Reviews


Episode 1

•Olivia Armstrong’s “What the Heck Is Peaky Blinders, and What Is It All About?”  (Decider).

•Tom French’s Peaky Blinders Series 1, Episode 1 Review” (Den of Geek).

•Julia Raeside’s “Peaky Blinders Recap:  Episode 1″ (The Guardian).

Episode 2


•Olivia Armstrong’s Peaky Blinders Recap:  Season 1, Episode 2″ (Decider).

•Tom French’s Peaky Blinders Series 1, Episode 2 Review” (Den of Geek).

•Caroline Frost’s Peaky Blinders Episode 1 Review:  Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory Star in Birmingham’s Own Boardwalk Empire (Huffington Post UK).

•Neil Midgley’s Peaky Blinders:  BBC Two Review” (The Telegraph).

•Julia Raeside’s Peaky Blinders Recap:  Episode 2″ (The Guardian).

Episode 3


•Olivia Armstrong’s Peaky Blinders Recap:  Season 1, Episode 3″ (Decider).

•Tom French’s Peaky Blinders Series 1, Episode 3 Review” (Den of Geek).

•Julia Raeside’s Peaky Blinders Recap:  Episode 3″ (The Guardian).

Episode 4

•Olivia Armstrong’s Peaky Blinders Recap:  Season 1, Episode 4″ (Decider).

•Tom French’s Peaky Blinders Series 1, Episode 4 Review” (Den of Geek).

•Julia Raeside’s Peaky Blinders Recap:  Episode 4″ (The Guardian).

•Terry Ramsey’s Peaky Blinders:  Episode Four, BBC Two Review” (Daily Telegraph).

Episode 5


•Olivia Armstrong’s Peaky Blinders Recap:  Season 1, Episode 5″ (Decider).

•Serena Davies’s Peaky Blinders, Episode Five, BBC Two, Review” (The Telegraph).

•Tom French’s Peaky Blinders Series 1, Episode 5 Review” (Den of Geek).

•Julia Raeside’s Peaky Blinders Recap:  Episode 5″ (The Guardian).

Episode 6


•Olivia Armstrong’s Peaky Blinders Recap:  Season 1 Finale” (Decider).

•Serena Davies’s Peaky Blinders, Episode 6, BBC Two Review”  (The Telegraph).

•Tom French’s Peaky Blinders Series 1, Episode 6 Review” (Den of Geek).

•Julia Raeside’s Peaky Blinders Recap:  Episode 6″ (The Guardian).


•Jessica Eve Kennedy’s Peaky Blinders:  A Fatal Twist?”  (The Artifice).

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