Series 1



Peaky Blinders Series 1, Script 1,”Blue Amends” (BBC Writers Room).

Print/Web Interviews/Articles

•Leo Barraclough’s “American Sees Brit TV with Fresh Eyes” (Variety).

•Chris Bond’s “Putting Yorkshire on the Nation’s Screens” (Yorkshire Post).

•Ellie Violet Bramley’s “Why Film and TV Can’t Get Enough of Britain’s Classic Industrial Landscapes” (The Guardian).


•Fionnaula Bourke’s “Why We’re Crazy About the Peaky Style” (Birmingham Mail).

“Dress Like a Peaky Blinder” (Clothes on Film).

•Mark Foster’s “Stately Home to Star in New Gangland Drama Series” (Northern Echo [Darlington]).

Interview with Loz Schaivo (The Call Sheet).

•Christopher Laverty’s Peaky Blinders:  Q&A with Costume Designer Stephanie Collie” (Clothes on Film).

•Adam Luck’s “Driving Ambition:  He Forged a TV Career with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?  and Peaky Blinders” (Mail on Sunday [London] 20 Apr. 2014:  22).

•Tina Miles’s ECHO Joins Stars on Set of Gangster Saga:  Drama Peaky Blinders Turns Back Time” (Liverpool Echo).


Peaky Blinders:  Ossett Firm Helped Recreate 1919 Birmingham for New BBC Drama” (Wakefield Express).

•TV Empress’s “More Rock n Roll, Less Period Drama:  Peaky Blinders (TV Republik).

•Joe Utichi’s The Knick, Peaky Blinders and Penny Dreadful Production Design Mines The Late 18th & 19th Centuries” (Deadline).

•Ian Youngs’s Peaky Blinders:  The Tricks of Creating a TV Drama” (BBC News).

Video Interviews/Presentations

“Art Inspired Set Design: A Talk by Grant Montgomery.”

“Haircuts — Peaky Blinders Season 1″ (BBC First Australia).

“Steven Knight Delivers His BAFTA Lecture” (BAFTA).

“Television Craft: The Sessions” (BAFTA).



•Ben Blacker’s “Episode 219:  Nerdist Writers Panel — Steven Knight” (Nerdist).

Interview with Peaky Blinders Executive Producer Jamie Glazebrook (The COP Show).

“Masterclass:  Peaky Blinders:  Interviews with Otto Bathurst and Grant Montgomery” (BAFTA).


•Trystan L. Bass’s “Five Fashionable Things About Peaky Blinders (Frock Flicks).

 Series 2


•BBC’s Peaky Blinders Series 2 Production Notes” (BBC).


Peaky Blinders Series 2, Script 1, “Soldier’s Heart” (BBC Writers Room).

•Fionnaula Bourke’s “Steven Knight: ‘My Father Was a Blacksmith and I Had an Aunt Polly Who Was Fierce'” (Birmingham Mail).

“History Man Bags Peaky Blinders Job” (Birmingham Mail).

“Hopes for Action as Peaky Blinders Filming Due to Start” (Native Monster).

•Will Strauss’s Peaky Blinders, BBC2″ (Broadcast).

•”Tiger Aspect Manages Peaky Blinders Digital Dailies in Aframe’s Cloud” (Digital Media World).

Print/Web Interviews/Articles

•Nicky Ball’s “Crew Role Profile: Grant Montgomery, Production Designer” (Creative England).


•Sean Brosnan’s “Q&A with Lorna Marie Mugan — Costume Designer of Peaky Blinders (IFTN).

•Sean Brosnan’s “Q&A with Peter Robertson — DOP of Charlie and Peaky Blinders(IFTN).

•Bobby Chocrane’s “Find Out Which Filming Locations Were Used in Peaky Blinders Series 2″ (Creative England).

“Steven Knight:  ‘Filmmaking Is as Close as You Can Get to a Dream” (FilmTalk).

•Nick Goundry’s “Period Gangster Drama Peaky Blinders Films on Location in Yorkshire” (The Location Guide).

•Stuart Greer’s “Historic Church Set to Appear in Hit TV Show” (Macclesfield Express).

•Julliette Harrison’s “Grant Montgomery Interview:  Peaky Blinders Series 2″ (Den of Geek).

•Juliette Harrison’s “Laurie Borg Interview:  Peaky Blinders, Series 2″ (Den of Geek).

Ben Hurst’s “Peaky Blinders Creator:  I Want Birmingham Studio to Lead Film-making Revolution” (Birmingham Mail).

•Charles Madison’s “TV Directing Masterclass from Peaky Blinders‘ Colm McCarthy” (FilmDivider).


•Louisa Mellor’s “Colm McCarthy Interview:  Peaky Blinders, Sherlock, Dr. Who(Den of Geek).

“Notes on Directing Peaky Blinders; Colm McCarthy” (Director’s Commentary).

“The Secrets Behind the Sets” (BBC Two).

“Set Design Sketches” (Quarry Fold Studio).

•Tania Steere’s “Brothers Land Parts in Same TV Show:  Max and Lewis Appear in Peaky Blinders BBC Drama” (The Sentinel [Stoke on Trent]).

•Lucy Townsend’s “Why Is the Birmingham Accent So Difficult to Mimic?” (BBC Magazine).

Video Interviews/Presentations

“It’s All About the Hair and Costumes for Peaky Blinders, Series 2″ (Press Association)


•Colm McCarthy’s “Peaky Blinders:  Filming with a PJ Harvey Trilogy” (BBC).

Flood, Lauren Laverne, & Cillian Murphy (Source: BBC Radio)
Flood, Lauren Laverne, & Cillian Murphy (Source: BBC Radio)


•Lauren Laverne’s “Cillian Murphy and Flood Speak to Lauren” (BBC Radio).

•BBC Adademy’s Peaky Blinders:  Meet Writer Steven Knight” (The COP Show).

•BBC Academy’s Peaky Blinders:  Meet Producer Jamie Glazebrook” (The COP Show).

Series 3


Print/Web Interviews/Articles

•Michael Allen’s “Complaints Hit BBC Over ‘Incomprehensible Mumbling’ and and Swearing on Peaky Blinders (Yahoo).

“Autochrome:  By Order of the Peaky Blinders (Little Black Book).

•Andrew Collins’s Peaky Blinders:  Inside the Shelbys’ Country House” (RadioTimes).

“From Peaky Blinders to Hollywood Blockbusters — M0vie-making in the West Midlands” (Express and Star).

•Joseph Hennessey’s “Scene Breakdown:  How Peaky Blinders Creates a World of Danger” (ScreenPrism).

“Andrew Hunt Commissioned by the BBC to Paint Rising Star Cillian Murphy for Peaky Blinders (ARTZU Gallery).

•Sean  Hutchinson’s Peaky Blinders, The Americans, and the Benefit of the Two-season Order” (Inverse).

•Denise Evans’s “Where Is Peaky Blinders Filmed?” (Manchester Evening News).

•Roz Laws’s “Peaky Blinders:  What Parts Are Filmed in the Midlands?” (Birmingham Mail).

•Adam Miller’s Peaky Blinders Series 3 Stung with Complaints of ‘Mumbling’ and ‘Tedious Foul Language'” (Express).  image

Peaky Blinders:  Meet Director Tim Mielants” (BBC Academy).

Peaky Blinders:  Meet the Production Designer” (BBC Academy).

“Steven Knight:  ‘Filmmaking Is as Close as You Can Get to a Dream'” (Film Talk:  Interviews with Actors and Filmmakers).

•James Wilson’s “Hit TV Series Peaky Blinders Filmed at Tabley Chapel and Arley Hall” (Knutsford Guardian).



“Interview with Steven Knight Birmingham Creator of Peaky Blinders at Premiere” (Marketing Birmingham).

Tom Hardy and. Cillian Murphy behind the scenes in Peaky Blinders, Series 3 (Photo by Robert Viglasky)
Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy behind the scenes in Peaky Blinders, Series 3 (Photo by Robert Viglasky)

•Tina Miles’s “Wirral Actor Sam Benjamin on Appearing in Peaky Blinders (Liverpool Echo).

•”On a Razor’s Edge” (5 June 2015, Sunday Times [London)  (Page 1   Page 2   Page 3).

Peaky Blinders:  The Producer and the Director of Photography” (BBC Academy).


•William Bibbiani’s Peaky Blinders Creator Steven Knight Does the B-movies Podcast!” (Crave Online).

Curious About Screenwriting Network Interview with Simon Maloney.

•Enid Portiguez’s “Podcast:  Writers on Writing with Steven Knight” (Writers Guild Foundation).

Series 4


•Alex Ritman & Scott Roxborough’s “How European Networks Are Trying to Stave off Streaming Rivals” (The Hollywood Reporter).

Print/Web Interviews/Articles

•Anita Singh’s Taboo Writer Steven Knight:  Blood and Guts Is the Modern Way To Do Costume Drama” (The Telegraph).





•William Bibbiani’s Peaky Blinders Creator Steven Knight Does the B-movies Podcast!” (Crave).

General Websites


Source: Express & Star
Source: Express & Star

BBC Two Peaky Blinders

Black Country Living Museum

Black Magic Design: Peaky Blinders

•Stephanie Collie, Costume Designer

Michele Carragher Embroidery and Illustrations

•Rachel Garlick’s London Storyboard Artist

Internet Movie Firearms Database

Quarry Fold Studio

Robert Viglasky: Movie Stills Photographer

Tiger Aspect Productions

Vintage Carriages Trust Museum of Rail Travel

Source: Mark Hedges


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