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Peaky Blinders, Series 2

Official Peaky Blinders Accounts

•Peaky Blinders TV Show (Official Facebook Page)

Official Peaky Blinders Twitter Feed

@PeakyBlindersOfficial (Instagram)

@ThePeakyBlinder (Vine)

BBC Peaky Blinders Website

Cast & Crew Twitter Feeds


Annabelle Wallis

Paul Bullion

Sam Neill


Joe Cole

Finn Cole

Jordan Bolger

Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory Filming Series 2.
Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory Filming Series 2

Benjamin Zephaniah

Aimee-ffion Edwards

Natasha O’keeffe

Ned Dennehy

Laurie Rose

Otto Bathurst

Colm McCarthy

Tom Harper


Simon Dennis

Tim Kinneally

Robert Viglasky

Cast & Crew Instagram Feeds

Peaky Blinders, Series 3
Peaky Blinders,/I>, Series 3

Paul Anderson Instagram (@boyceybocey)

Annabelle Wallis Instagram (@annabellewallis)

Finn Cole Instagram (@finn_cole)

Joe Cole Instagram (@theotherjoecole)

Jordan Bolger Instagram (@caramaka)

Robert Viglasky (@robertviglasky)

Fan Instagram Feeds





Peaky Blinders, Series 1 (Source:

Fan Twitter Feeds

Cillian Murphy Fans (@cmurphyfans)

The Pesky Blunders (@peskyblunders)

A Peaky Blinders Fan Girl (@APBFangirl)

The Beaky Plinder (@TheBeakyPlinder)

Peaky Blinders _ (@PeakyBlinders_)

Peaky Blinders Wikia (@PeakyBWikia

Fan Tumblrs





In the Bleak Midwinter







•Peaky Blinders on Reddit

Fun Stuff (That Doesn’t Really Fit Anywhere)

•Juliette Harrison’s “10 TV Characters Who Knew How to Make an Entrance” (Den of Geek).

•Nina Mohan’s “We Need to Talk About How Creepy Hot Cillian Murphy Is” (Buzzfeed).

Snoop Dogg Instagram Video, Showing Himself Watching Peaky Blinders.

We Just Sell Different Parts of Ourselves:  A Graphic Tribute to Peaky Blinders.”

•DJ Pangburn’s “The Peaky Blinders World Gets Immersive Data Visualisation” (Konbini).

•Maggie Pehanick’s “Cillian Murphy Gives you 25 Sexy Reasons to Watch Peaky Blinders (PopSugar).




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